The official customs Import duty calculator for India

And the customs pulls off a coup with this link. It is the import duty calculator. 

I must say, for once, CBEC is a rare body that I have come to respect. 
With this, now you have all that you need to calculate your import duties upto 8 digit of HS code for any product that is being imported. 
One has to enter the product code under CTH (Customs tariff head), and one can get all details of import duties that are levied on the product. 
If you are unsure of your HS code upto 8 digits, you can key in just 2 digits (chapter heading) and it throws up a list from which you can select.
I love the way they have incorporated the effect of notifications on the duty. 
Neat stuff. Good work CBEC! It was sorely missed by trading community. In comparison to this, the new automated ITC HS based policy of DGFT website looks like a joke!