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Would more COVID testing uncover more COVID positive cases?

It is alleged that India is not testing enough. The number of tests per million population in India stands at around 100 when compared against countries like USA which stands at 6300, or  Italy  which stands at 12000, or Switzerland which is around 19000 tests per million population.  So, is it that because India is testing lesser number of people per million population, India is reporting less number of cases? Would more testing lead to uncovering of more cases, increasing India's infected count? Ashish Chandorkar, in this Swarajya magazine article  disagrees. Rightly so. He states:  "What does the data tell us? In India, out of the 100 high risk cases being tested for COVID-19, only 4 are testing positive. Of those testing positive, roughly sixty per cent are either individuals who traveled from a foreign location or were part of the single source Delhi Nizamuddin congregation. The positive cases per 100 tests is 17 in the USA, 19 in Italy, 23 in t