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Trade Remedies Unveiled: A Comprehensive Visual Analysis

In an era marked by the intricate complexities of global trade, grasping the subtleties of trade remedy measures becomes not just interesting, but essential for policymakers, businesses, and scholars. The World Trade Organization's trade monitoring database , captures data on these meaures and acts as a window into these evolving dynamics. This post aims to unearth the layers of these trends for last 10 years, bringing into focus the countries at the forefront of these measures during this period, with a special emphasis on India’s position. Countries facing negative impacts from international trade have two primary defense mechanisms: remedial measures and restrictive measures. Remedial measures include Anti-Dumping Duties (ADD), Countervailing Duties (CVD), and Safeguard Measures (SG). They're effective for ensuring fair competition but require a detailed investigative process, which takes time. Restrictive measures, in contrast, can be enacted more quickly. These might inclu