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Light at the end of the tunnel - Indian exports hit the nadir

Exports have finally started to look up. While there is certainly base effect in play due to continuously decreasing exports for last two years, I have a hunch that we have hit the nadir and things will languish at this level or they might slowly (and very very slowly) start looking up as time passes. Till then, we shall have this silly increase and decrease of exports which do not carry much significance.  The merchandise trade situation is as below:  Exports and Imports - Merchandise/Goods trade from India October 2016 The services sector trade situation is as below:  Exports and Imports of Services September 2016 The global trade scenario has not improved. While the sentiment for more trade has mellowed down across the globe, there has to be a point which can be called lowest. Probably for India, this was it. Now the question is, how to climb back from this valley we find ourselves in.