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Stampede dynamics - Preventing unnecessary deaths

It is sad to hear news of deaths due to stampedes. These could have been avoided. We had the major Hajj stampede in 2015  and now we have another stampede at Mumbai in a suburban railway station . Hindu temples seem to be designed for stampedes, with a complete wiki list associated to it now . The news of stampede results in common reaction of blaming the authorities for poorly designed entries/exits, narrow lanes/bridges, bad crowd behaviour, law and order problem, and sometimes the victims are blamed for panicking and creating stampede. While it is obvious that we need to evolve standard evacuation procedures in all crowded areas, and ensure that public spaces are redesigned to handle the peak load properly, it is easier said than done, especially when the areas involved are matter of faith, like temples. Stampede deaths are avoidable It is in this light that I feel that we should use mathematical methods to arrive at an indicator, which can be used to mandate a redesign of