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A Case for Agri Exports - Part I

In this blog, my effort is to make a case for Agricultural exports from India. I will put across my views on why we need to focus more on this area, when compared to 'any' other area of exports. And why we must move beyond making noise about Cotton/Sugar and get serious with other agri commodities. As I will take my time to build up the case, the blog is split into two parts.  To start, the top 6 exports from India last year (April2011-March2012, you can see more details here ), with approximate values are:             EXPORT ITEMS                           VALUE              GROWTH                   GROWTH                                                                                           (last year)                 avg. over last 5 years Engineering Goods --------------    58    USD Billion    -02.8%                          23.9% Petroleum Products --------------   56    USD Billion     34.3%                          39.6%                          G