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GST and Foreign Trade Policy : Effect on exemptions and incentive scrips - Part 1

GST will be rolled out sometime during April to October 2017. This would be single most radical reform of last decade. While the GST model law has been published, further procedures are being worked out in various committees formed for specific purposes. This post (and a couple more in continuation) would analyse, in a preliminary way, as to how the GST might impact Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) and the schemes therein, and some analysis based on the information available at this time. {A small video on the topic is also available at the link below: You may watch and leave your suggestions/comments} Assuming that the reader is aware of FTP schemes and basics of GST as outlined in the GST model law, I would proceed.  Currently, the duties levied at the border by customs are as follows: Total duty = Basic Customs Duty (BCD) + Additional duty of Customs (ADC, colloquially called CVD) + various cesses + Special Additional Duty (SAD, at 4%, to offset state taxes, refundabl

Video tutorials for export promotion

DGFT has come up with a series of video tutorials on their youtube channel to help newcomers in the area of international trade. The video series aims at providing the basic knowledge about fundamentals of international trade, such as introduction to incoterms, export import policy of India, starting an export business etc. As yours truly was deeply involved in the development of the project from the beginning, I thought of sharing some of the links here. The videos were developed in Bangalore DGFT office, and some more are in the pipeline for the beginner series. The videos will be accompanied on the official DGFT website with FAQs on various introductory topics in coming days. Given that e-learning has been popular for last few years, this initiative was designed to produce standardised, short and easy learning modules in the area of international trade from Indian perspective, keeping in mind the unique situation of an Indian exporter/importer.  Feedback welcome on officia