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Framework for Artificial Intelligence Regulation – Questionnaire (FAIR-Q)

  Introduction: Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools used in governance require a great degree of scrutiny before they are launched. This is due to the potential of AI tools to create a disproportionate impact when used to achieve a public policy goal.  To mitigate the risks, a Framework for AI Regulation – Questionnaire (FAIR-Q) is proposed, which can be used by regulators or government departments implementing these AI based solutions. Recommendation: FAIR-Q should be adopted by any department that proposes use of any AI tool for governance. FAIR-Q covers questions related to the need for AI, algorithms, processes, fairness, accountability, and ethical issues. The government department and the AI team should be able to satisfactorily answer these before the tool is allowed into public service.  The questions are designed to remain simple, yet effective. Relevance: AI tools can embed and exacerbate biases and inequalities found in the data that is used to train the tool. This raises imp